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Our Philosophy

Sensible...                  Dynamic....                   Realistic...

Safety Management Consultancy is a leading UK and international provider of health and safety training and consultancy services for a wide variety of industry and service sectors

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Based in the North West of England but with a UK and global spread, the company was established to provide pragmatic and sensible, yet dynamic and innvovative solutions to business tired of bland risk management.

With this philosopy we are determined to change businesses and working peoples impression of Health and Safety for the better !!


The company was set up by the current Directors Steve McClean and Michelle McClean. Steve, an international health and safety professional for more than 25 years, started SMC Ltd to bring his dynamic yet pragmatic approach directly to client businesses. Since our establishment, we have been working with some major clients offering bespoke health and safety solutions, and have trained thousands of delegates with our full range of Accredited Training packages

Steve MichelleIf you were to ask me what makes SMC so different, I would say that its the high quality and engaging style of our training and consultancy services.
We go that extra mile to deliver dynamic, yet pragmatic health and safety solutions that specifically meet the needs of our clients to ensure we deliver their anticipated expectations.

For most companies that need health and safety support or training, our highly professional, yet common sense approach makes a refreshing change !

Staff and Resources

Our international team of consultants are handpicked for not only their technical competence, but also their enthusiastic and dynamic approach to delivering consultancy and training services.

Where in-house resources are not available directly, for example, specialist noise surveys, services are networked with a small group of similar independent partners known to provide a reliable high quality service based on established working relationships. In this way all our valued clients receive a ‘One-stop’ service for their health and safety management needs.

Committment and Quality

We have a wealth of experience in Health & Safety training and consultancy services gained through years of dealing with SME’s to large corporate organisations.

Our commitment to quality, innovation and performance is as important to us as our commitment to providing dynamic, yet seasonable, safety solutions. 

We look forward to working with you in the future.