About Us

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Safety Management Consultancy Ltd to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of its business operations and to continually satisfy the expectations of our clients in respect of the whole range of services we provide.

SMC Ltd is committed to providing high quality health & safety management, effective training courses and outstanding customer service. All services are conducted to a high professional standard which ensures our client’s needs are met or exceeded.

In order to maintain a high quality level of service SMC Ltd will ensure that:

  • We make ourselves accessible and approachable to our clients at all levels of management
  • We fully understand our client’s requirements and will adapt our business where necessary to accommodate them
  • All appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and archived
  • Staff responsibilities and duties are clearly identified
  • Consultants and staff are appropriately trained to enable them to undertake their tasks and given appropriate authority within the scope of their responsibilities
  • Sufficient resources are provided to facilitate the work
  • This quality policy is upheld and supported by management

The company is committed to ensuring its clients receive a quality services within an agreed time and that all personnel and associate consultants work in a safe and responsible manner. Ultimate responsibility within the company rests with the Director.