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Health and Safety Audit

A health and safety audit is a examination of how you manage health and safety with your organisation. It is designed to help you better manage health and safety and ensure that they are complying with current legal requirements.

It is a critical, in-depth examination of your organisation's safety management systems. It involves the auditor conducting document reviews, carrying out visual observations, and conducting formal discussions with the management and staff. The health and safety audit can be tailored to address the whole of the Health and Safety Management system or particular aspects of it, such as risk assessment procedures or training progammes.

Following the visits, the company will be provided with an in-depth report on their performance with regards to health and safety management. This report will include recommendations for the company on how to futher progress health and safety.

For further information on our Health and Safety Audits or to discuss you individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Health and Safety Inspections

Inspections are a key monitoring technique to ensure continued adherence to good health and safety standards in the workplace.

A health and safety inspection is a formal, structured examination of the physical working environment. The purpose of the inspection is to identify obvious hazards that are not controlled to a specified standard and eliminate or control them. Following the inspection a detailed documented report will be provided that will not only highlight the hazards of concern but will also;

  • Identify actions to eliminate or control the hazards
  • Prioritisation of the actions to be taken
  • Set clear responsibilities and dates for action