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Health & Safety Policy

Why Do I need a Health and Safety Policy?

Your Health and Safety Policy is your organisations committment to securing the Health, Safety and Welfare of all your employees and anyone else that may be affected by your business activities.

A written Health and Safety Policy Statement is a requirement under section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and if you have 5 or more employees it must be a written statement.

The act places obligations on employers to develop a written Health and Safety Policy statement outlining the organisations comittment to health and safety and how they are going to achieve this commitment. The policy should be brought to the attention of all employees and must be reviewed on a regular basis and revised to account for any changes in working procedures.

In relation to a written company Health and Safety Policy, although smaller organistaions (less than 5 employees) are not required by law to have a written one, they are increasingly being made aware of the fact that clients or prospective clients may need to see a Health and Safety Policy as a demonstration of their Health and Safety commitment.

Elements of a Health and Safety Policy :

Your Health and Safety Policy will contain the following sections

  • Statement of Intent: The organisations commitment to securing the health and safety of employees and other affected by your business activities.
  • Organisation and Responsibilities: This defines the the key responsibilities of staff and managers and the designated person responsible for the formulation and implementation of the policy.
  • Arrangements: These are the arrangements your organisation has in place to ensure the implementation of the policy and includes your health and safety procedures

Well constructed Health and Safety Policies will set the direction of the organisation to ensuring continuous improvement in health and safety.

How can we Help with your Health and Safety Policy?

We can assist with;

  • The identification of your company’s requirements.
  • Review your current Health and Safety Policy.
  • Writing of a bespoke Health and Safety Policy for your organisation.

For further information on any aspect of your company Health and Safety Policy or to discuss you individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that assistance with the review/ development of Health and Safety Policy forms part of our SME Support Service. Contact us for more details.