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Bespoke Support package

Keeping up-to-date with the wealth of health and safety obligations can be very tiresome and frustrating for many businesses, who cannot dedicate the time or resources necessary to make good sense of it all.

The Bespoke package will be specifically tailored to your individual requirements at a fraction of the cost of employing a full or part-time adviser.

As your Health and Safety ‘Competent Advisors’, Safety Management Consultancy would provide you with a service that is reasonable, yet provides you with the peace of mind that you are receiving quality support.

This could include all or some of the following depending on your current status with Health and Safety Manangement systems.

  • Health and Safety Policy development
  • Inspection/ Audit of workplace/ activities including documented report
  • Risk assessment support (including Fire risk assessment)
  • Health and Safety Manual of Procedures specific to your activities
  • Attendance at Health and Safety Committees
  • Accident Investigation support and report production
  • Liaison with the Enforcing Authorities on your behalf
  • Telephone/ Email Support for specific advice when needed.
  • CHAS and other Contractor scheme support
  • Regular legal updates
  • Discounts on further consultancy and training services
  • Designation as your ‘Competent’ Health and Safety Adviser

An initial Free Workplace Health and Safety consultation will outline the areas of concern specific to your organisation, and help to establish your organisational needs.

SMC Ltd will then tailor a Suppport package specific to your organisation and discuss this with you to ensure that it fits your requirements appropriately.

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