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Telephone and Email Support

Having access to specialist advice, at the time that you depend on it the most, can be difficult.


Safety Management Consultancy Ltd offers a ‘Competent Adviser’ telephone/ email support service that provides you with access to experienced health and safety consultants that will provide you with the necessary advice as you need it.

Unlike some free information lines, the SMC Ltd consultants will do more than point you in the direction of a guidance booklet, they will provide you with sensible and practical information that will assist you in making positive progress.

Services that form part of the telephone/ email support include

  • Pragmatic H&S advice on a variety of topics
  • Reviewing Risk Assessments and other documentation by email
  • Support following an accident/ incident and RIDDOR requirements
  • Liaison with the Enforcement Authorities on you behalf
  • Regular legal updates
  • Assistance with tenders and other applications involving H&S questions (by email/ telephone)
  • Discounts on further consultancy and training services

The ‘Competent Adviser' telephone/ email support service is available on an annual retainer service as a stand alone service, or available as part of our SME Support packages.

How much is the Telephone/ Email support service ?

The cost of this service depends on the size of your organisation.

 Phone price 40

per calender month for organisations with 1-4 employees

phone price 2

per calender month for organisations with 5-50 employees





The service must be taken for a minimum of a 12 month contract. For organisations with more than 50 employees please call for a quote.

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