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Optimum Health and Safety package

At SMC Ltd, we are all too are aware of the pressures and demands which Small to Medium sized Enterprises and Contractors are under when it comes to meeting the wealth of legislation and standards. This includes health and safety standards, which if not dealt with in a ‘sensible’ and ‘reasonable’ manner, could become a financial and bureaucratic burden to any organisation.

What is the 'OPTIMUM' package

This is a Health and Safety development package, specifically aimed at Small to Medium sized Enterprises with between 5 and 50 Employees. (For larger organisations, we like to develop a package specific to your needs, please refer to our Bespoke Package)

With Safety Management Consultancy Ltd acting as your Health and Safety 'Competent' Advisers we would provide you with a service tailored to your organisation at a fraction of the cost of employing a full or part-time adviser. Your fully qualified Consultant will work on a continual basis to ensure that you improve your health and safety systems and meet your legal obligations.

What’s included in the OPTIMUM package ?

The package is based on the HSE’s ‘Successful health and safety management' system, and can include all or some of the following (depending on your current status with your Health and Safety Management systems).

  • Health and Safety Policy development
  • Health and Safety Manual of Procedures specific to your activities
  • Risk assessment support (including Fire risk assessment)
  • Telephone/ Email Support for specific advice when needed.
  • Designation as your ‘Competent’ Health and Safety Adviser

The service also includes an ongoing bimonthly visit/ consultancy day from one of our fully qualified Consultants to conduct development work (as above), carry out inspections or audits, or deliver other support work necessary to help you further progress your health and safety management system

An initial Free Workplace Health and Safety consultation will outline the areas of concern specific to your organisation, and help to establish your organisational needs

How much is the OPTIMUM service ?

Cost of this service starts at    £250 (+VAT) per month

The service must be taken for a minimum of a 12 month contract. Unlike other consultancy services, this cost is fixed and there are no additional hidden costs for additional health and safety support (within the scope of the contract). 

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