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Whats Sensible Health and Safety about?

At Safety Management Consultancy Ltd we're tired of hearing;

  • “you’ll not be allowed to do that ‘cause of health and safety” or
  • “if health and safety get their way, we’ll be all wrapped up in cotton-wool”

It’s about time we dispelled some of these myths and we’re glad the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are campaigning on this area. 

Here at SMC Ltd we are constantly asked for advice on ‘reasonableness’ and on one subject more than others, that of Risk Assessment.

A client who installs uPVC windows asked recently ‘I’ve heard that I need risk assessment for every site (house) we put windows into, is this really the case?”

This is a typical example of the myths that are out in the business community about risk assessment.

Needless to say we reassured them that this was not the case, that the activities that they undertook do need to be risk assessed and this should not only look at the risks to employees, but also anyone else who may be affected by their activities. However having a risk assessment for the same window installation at 52 Acasia Avenue and another for 32 Acasia Avenue was unnecessary.

 To quote the Health and Safety Executive (from their ‘Myth’s of the Month’ page);

On its own, paperwork never saved anyone. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself - action is what protects people. So risk assessments should be fit for purpose and acted upon. OK, if you’re running an oil refinery you’re going to need a fair amount of paperwork. But for most, bullet points work very well indeed”

Click here for more information on the HSE’s Myths of the Month

More recently, Lord Young produced a report "Common Sense, Common Safety" which called for a shake-up of health and safety within the UK to try and get back to a 'Common Sense' approach. It will interesting to see how this progresses over the coming years. (A copy of the report can be obtained from our Download section).

Contact us at SMC Ltd and you may be surprised at our ‘Sensible’ and pragmatic approach to health and safety management