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Risk Assessment in practice

We are all exposed to a range of health and safety hazards and risks during our working day. By providing risk assessment training, employees will be better equiped to assess these risks and evaluate the organisations controls. When risks are correctly assessed, workplace accidents may be reduced.

This course will provide information on how to identify hazards and risks and also how to conduct workplace risk assessments.

Duration : 1 Day or 1/2 Day

Who is it for : Managers, Supervisers & Employees

Course Content:  

  • Introduction
  • Why bother with Risk Assessments 
  • Legal Requirements
  • Definition of Hazard
  • Meaning of 'Reasonableness'
  • Definition of Risk
  • 5 Steps to Risk Assessment
  • Meaning of 'Suitable and Sufficient'
  • Risk Matrices and Risk Numbers
  • Generic/ Site Specific and Dynamic Assessments
  • Hierarchy of Controls