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Home Training Food Safety Level 1 Award In Food Safety

Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate

Who should attend

These qualifications will benefit anyone working in a situation where there is food. The training programme focuses on the information that employees need to know before they start work in a food environment or as part of induction.

Course Objective

Successful completion of the training programme and assessment will enable candidates to understand:

•  how to keep themselves clean and hygienic
•  how to keep their work area clean
•  the role they play in reducing contamination.

The training time to cover the syllabus must be at least 3 hours and is typically covered in half a day. The time taken to deliver the programme does not include coffee/tea breaks, revision sessions or ‘mock’ examinations.

Each candidate will also receive a colour ‘A beginner's Guide to Food Safety’ book which is an excellent guide to future learning and revision.

The candidates are assessed by an examination paper consisting of 15 multiple choice questions to be completed in half an hour under examination conditions. Candidates who achieve 10 or more correct answers will pass the examination and receive a certificate, valid for 3 years.


Inhouse Training

This course can also be run in-house for up to 12 people per course
Fee: £400 + VAT per course


  • Registration
  • Examination Entry Fees
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Certificate (on successful completion)