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The leisure and entertainment industry covers a wide range of activities, from fairgrounds to film locations and from sports facilities to play areas.

Fatalities to employees in these industries are comparatively rare but serious injuries can and do occur. The main causes of injuries include; falls from height, transport, slips & trips and manual handling.

Leisure and Entertainment organisations must ensure that that health and safety is integrated into their business planning, to ensure not only the health and safety of their employees, but also the visitors and members of the public that wish to enjoy the activities and facilities.  

At Safety Management Consultancy Ltd we have an established reputation for providing health and safety training and consultancy solutions to the Leisure and Entertainment industry. Our expertise has helped clients such as Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust establish Site Risk Assessments for their Country Estate and Parks, and we have delivered training to many leisure organisations including British Waterways Marinas Ltd.

In addition, Safety Management Consultancy have experience in providing health and safety support to Event Management companies, Local Authorities and similar organisations in ensuring the safe planning and succesful running of small and large scale events. This includes development of Event Management plans, risk assessments and advice on emergency arrangements.

This industry specific knowledge allows us to deliver highly cost effective health and safety training and consultancy solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of Leisure and Entertainment organisations making us uniquely placed to address needs of the sector. Our Services to the sector include; 

Consultancy services;

Training services

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